Sledgehammer Academy

Tech & Leadership Skills for the Digital Artisans of Tomorrrow

Sledgehammer Academy, a side project of Sledgehammer Infosystems & founder Brad Thompson, offers training on a variety of tech & organizational leadership topics for kids, teens, and the young-at-heart. Whether your 4th grader is ready to move to something beyond playing in Scratch, you've got a group of high schoolers trying to figure out how to build the next Instagram, or you've got a kid who wants to explore how to use technology to support their other pursuits, we're ready to help!

What We Do

Unlike a lot of other coding schools for kids, we've chosen a slightly more holistic and artisinal sort of approach to what & how we teach. This isn't a boot camp to prepare our students for a job at a huge tech company. We give our students the skills they need to leverage the technology around them to make an impact right now, while still providing many useful experiences & skills to support a potential big tech career down the road. Our goal is to make sure that our students have a solid foundation in not only writing code, but everything that goes into building & publishing technology tools for people - including IT, networking, UI & UX design, project management, and entrepreneurship skills. We strive to fuel our students' internal motivation for solving problems by empowering them to plan, create, evaluate, and iterate on their work with the support of experienced computing enthusiasts. We believe that fostering these skills early on sets the stage for a lifetime of learning and achievement.

One-Off Workshops & Short Courses

Web 101

Spend an afternoon learning the basics of HTML & CSS to create a web site from scratch

Ruby 101

Learn the basics of the Ruby programming language in an afternoon

A Week on Rails

Learn to build web applications with Ruby on Rails, the framework that powers (among many other things) GitHub, AirBnB, & Shopify!

Have a suggestion for a class or workshop we should offer? Let us know!

Private Lessons for Individuals & Small Groups

Book one-off or recurring sessions with Brad for just about anything!

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Open Office Hours

Come hang out, collaborate with people on projects, and hopefully learn something in a more unstructured, informal sort of environment.

Office hours are free to attend, although contributions of cash and/or snacks are appreciated!

Some of What Our Students Can Learn

Ruby on Rails
Node JS
Electron JS
Debian Linux
Visual Studio Code